What is ClientEye & How it Works?

ClientEye is an AI software that allows businesses to see the full identity of a website visitor. ClientEye is a Canadian company.

Flawless Integration

ClientEye is designed to work seemlessly with any website and type of traffic. Since it does not depend on cookies or IP addresses, it can work even if the user is using a VPN, working remotely or traveling.

Visitor Identification

You can now see the full identity of each website visitor. This includes their name, email, phone number, Linkedin and much more!


Add this information to your CRM and provide these warm leads to your sales teams. You can also automate many email and Linkedin outreach campaigns.

World-Class Productivity

There is no other tool on the market that can provide leads at this scale. ClientEye is distrupting the marketing agency by identifying traffic that was otherwise anonymous. You no longer need to wait until a user converts on their own to have them as a lead.

Fast & Easy Work

ClientEye can provide you the visitors identity within hours of their visit. Allowing you to take quick action to capture the customer.

View Result

There is a helpful and easy to use dashboard that you can use to see and track your leads.


The core function of ClientEye is to identify your website visitors but they are always adding extra features such as a SalesForce and HubSpot integrations. You can also integrate with Google Analytics to see which pages each person visited.